Getting Gems Missing from Bundle Outdated, Part 2 published involved a bit of a detour. In addition to a different editor antagonist and a more involved editing process due to the nature of the raw content, new software was also in the mix (Adobe Premiere Pro vs. Sony Vegas) which meant almost going back to the drawing board to experiment with options for file formats, codecs and rendering setup to help improve efficiencies. We could have skimped on some of it, but I’m still trying to invest in the future, and myself being a bit involved in the editing process gave me a greater insight into the details and I was able to contribute in some new ways that should pay for itself in future episodes.

The good news about the next episode is the raw material for it was recorded the night after the material for Part 2 and I was able to actually land the plane - no more cliffhangers for this mini-series! Here’s to publishing it soon.

I also decided in the intro voice-over to call out the ‘raw’ quality of the content after some feedback from another friend, for anyone coming into a video without any context. I reckon that VO template will continue to get iterated on. (Which reminds me, I have lots of checklists, that continue to grow. I can blog about that sometime).

Finally, the /about link lives now, which is a nice addition, esp. now that I can reference it in a voice-over.