In Part 2, a large flailing had begun trying to get a suitable Specification instance to use in the tests. In part 3 below you’ll get the fuller explanation as to why, but as already mentioned in a prior Behind The Scenes post, some of it is due to the fact that all 3 of these parts are actually a recreation of work that I’d already done before recording these episodes for RealCodez. Well, not even a true recreation, I really am starting from scratch again, forgetting some of the specifics from the first time around, and thus fueling some of my stubbornness to not just get on with it and use a mock. The rest of the stubbornness is just part of my charm.

As a supporting note for one of my preferences against mocks, around 22:05 we see a usage of a spec inside Bundler::Index that not only uses the name of the spec but also its full_name. Re-using a supporting production class gets us this ‘for free’ in this case (it won’t always) … but passing in a mock to code like that can be annoying as we discover and have to implement the various items required of the test double.

(Also note, I’m a mock classicist, as Fowler describes here, in case you, kind reader, are annoyed at my lazy use of the term ‘mock’).

Another note: around the 12:30 mark, I dig into a novel (to me, at least) usage of the Forwardable module to redirect an Enumerable method (:each) to another method of the SpecSet class. This gets used when the detect method is called on SpecSet, but what I fail to call out for those who may not know, is that the detect method on Enumerable itself calls each. And that doesn’t even appear at all in the stack trace.

To describe another way, Definition calls detect on the SpecSet, and SpecSet includes Enumerable. When detect is called, the Enumerable module calls each, and then each is defined in SpecSet to be forwarded to sorted.

Overall, the good news is in this episode I’ve finally reached a conclusion, and the meta lesson here is even writing the same solution twice can be fraught with peril.

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